Life without a bucket list…

What if, just what if, you decided to not follow the crowd? Not be carried away by the exotic pictures of your friends on social media. What if, you did things a tad bit differently?

The one thing we know about the future is that it comes only one day at a time. ~ Jeff Rich

Dear Readers, have you ever made a bucket list? Have you been able to finish it yet? Well, at least start? Does your list have the 7 wonders of the world or scuba diving/paragliding?

Not only have I made multiple bucket lists but I have also edited it repeatedly, only to add more and more destinations over a period of 8 years! If anyone of you reading this, knows a way around, please do share it with us eager folks. After all, who wouldn’t like shortcuts to travel?!

The less fortunate ones, who have had a bucket list for a decade or even more and has barely made it to a minimum, listen up! You needn’t be discouraged. There is a better way to travel way more than the destinations you have written down.

Ask me how? Well, for starters, shred your bucket list. Yes, you heard me right. Tear it! Let’s start fresh. But this time, without a bucket list. Often when we stand at the edge of a mountain, lie on the sandy beach, watch a sunrise from up in the hills, drive off far from the city to get a glance of the milky way or simply gaze at a star filled sky, or the dancing lights of the aurora right above us, our bucket list weighs us down. Tear it! Tear it so that you have all your attention glued to the present. The comets that swoop by, or the beautiful sunset at the beach and the milky way, which has for decades now, become a myth to our younger generation.

There was a time when I wanted to go to a lot of places. I was always at work, calculating, evaluating, browsing about my next destination. Worked me up, stressed me out, wondering, why the hell did I leave my job? I could have afforded this trip. Now I need to wait until I’ve got the savings. These worries haunted me until one day, I randomly went through my old photographs. I couldn’t believe the things I did, places I have been to. Long chats with a friend on Spanish Steps at midnight, parasailing in Goa, dived into the Indian Ocean to find nemo (clownfish), white water rafting on the Ganges with my 60+ year old parents, saw a sunrise from atop a mountain in Matheran (till date the best of my experiences), lied on a sandy beach in the Andaman Islands with my love, drove our car through the entire west coast of India, had a cup of tea at the summit of the Western Ghats, experienced a cool breeze in my hair at the monsoon palace, the raindrops while cruising the Venice of the east, Udaipur, stood on top of the Ararat mountain, had lunch with a few villagers in Armenia. The list goes on. The pictures were my proof and a reminder of how I felt then. All of which was never a part of my list. That was the day I tore my list. The day I decided how a list would not define the moments I enjoy or the places where life takes me.

A life without a bucket list has endless possibilities. It has the power to ground you to the present. You are in no hurry but in awe. It makes you a traveller by definition. The one we all aspire to be. Keep a journal, write your ‘Dear Diary’ moment or choose to simply write down the name of the place, or the thing that made you feel wonderful. Just about anything. Even a polaroid shot with a one liner and a date would say it all. There are endless way to preserve your memories. Do it. Just don’t follow the crowd.

Your destination doesn’t matter but your experiences do!

4 thoughts on “Life without a bucket list…

  1. Wonderful message! I have always wondered if making a bucket list is actually shackling yourself to fixed set of goals. Why not let go and embrace whatever comes your way? Or to see it the other way round, why stop at any particular point because that’s all one had pencilled in the bucket list? Glad to know you tore it off! Cheers & keep exploring!
    P.S Matheran has a special place in my life. It was the first mountain I climbed, witnessed the Sunrise from as well saw it dissolving into the horizon. Such is the allure of the place that I have kept going back there and climbed it from 10 different trails so I can imagine why it ranks amongst your best experiences 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much! This is really exciting that someone shares the same feeling about Matheran and sunrises 🙂 Tried to catch the sunrise from Kunjapuri but missed it by 5 minutes. There is indeed something about watching a sunrise from a mountain. I’ve seen it by the seashore too. But a mountain sunrise is simply breathtaking.

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  2. Your best post, so far. It has several meanings embedded in it. Setting goals is great (bucket list is a goal too) but it has its downsides. As you mentioned, it makes you not explore the different possibilities (sometimes, these possibilities are even better than the goals we set for ourselves) that life can offer. Goals are based on things we already know. Since our knowledge is limited, goals tend to limit our life. On the other hand, possibilities are based on things we do not know yet. Since our ignorance is boundless, possibilities are endless too. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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