The storm in my teacup

From counting your lucky stars to pulling your hair out. The joys of having a domestic help!

For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

As a thumb rule, I have made a conscious effort to go to bed every night, happy. No matter what a lousy day I have had, I try to shake it off of me by the end of the day. But what happens if the sole reason behind your lousy day is in and around your house 24/7? Hard to be a sunny positive person now, can you? This crafty person is none other than my domestic help. For years I have managed without one, only because I LOVE my privacy. Did everything by myself until I had a baby. The thought of me doing everything  alone and showing the world that I am a multitasking pro slowly faded away and eventually, I had to give in.

Ah! The sheer joy of waking up to a sulky face, un-enthusiastically serving you a cup of coffee, followed by an interrogation of your plans for the day which need to be adjusted to make way for her plans. Pure bliss! This overdose of joy reaches its saturation point every third day and one has to go ballistic to make room for more. The list goes on. Trust me, no amount of ‘Netflix and chill’ can save you from the horrors of having a help.

For those who couldn’t catch my drift, it is a nightmare to deal with a domestic help and their constant demands. They know we are at their mercy, especially when there is a baby involved. We need them and they take advantage. Period. There were days when she rebuked me “Shush, she’s sleeping, go to the other room”, kicking me out of my own bedroom. And there were days when she would conveniently forget to do the ONLY job she was appointed to do: Cook!

From breakfast-less mornings to not turning up at all, the countless ‘I’m sick’ excuses to the never-ending financial requirements, I am surprised I have lasted this long. Dealing with their issues everyday is not only frustrating but also drains you of all your positive energy. One of the reasons I need a minimum of 6 cups of coffee daily (unhealthy, yes, but necessary to maintain my sanity).

It was just last week that I was a jump away from kicking her out wondering if I could handle it all by myself. All night I kept thinking of excuses to give her as to why I don’t need her anymore and as a result, I don’t even remember when I slept off. I woke up the next day to the smell of freshly pressed coffee, cheese omelette and toast, assuring me that the breakfast was almost done. I walked out of my bedroom to find a tidy house, a set table and a hot cup of coffee. A moment of pure ecstasy! With a smiling heart, I went in and thanked herShe simply smiled back; fully aware of how grateful I was at that very moment.

With an overjoyed heart, I started sipping my coffee, enjoying the music, alone, thinking ‘What a lovely morning!’ The anger, resentment and all the negativity faded away. In retrospect, I need her more than she needs me. The storm in my teacup settled down to a gentle breeze. While basking in the profound realisation of seeing the bigger picture, I heard her shout from the kitchen,

Do you mind shutting the music off? I hate music. I can’t work.’

With a deep sigh, I switched off the music and continued to sip my coffee, murmuring to myself,

‘Time to kick her out’!




3 thoughts on “The storm in my teacup

  1. I hear you. I guess hiring a help comes with a set of trade-offs just like anything else. The same thing happens when you have guests/relatives at home who live for an extended period of time as well. In both these cases, our routine gets interrupted and that really ticks us off especially if we are someone who finds joy in these daily mundane things. If you think about it, when we were kids all these things were never a hassle, we simply adjusted. In fact, we loved to have more people around us. But, as we grow older our personality solidifies and it becomes harder to adjust to someone else’s routine. In this case, it’s simply the maid’s routine that she wants things a certain way.
    While it’s easier said than done, simply being conscious of these facts can bring some temporary peace mentally 🙂

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